Professionalism and compassion are two things that come to mind when I think about Dr. Radtke and veterinary medicine, even more so when you are a client of hers. In 2013 my mare Emma suffered a severe injury of her left hind leg after attempting to jump a six foot fence. This injury resulted in a roughly three month stay at the Atlantic Veterinary College with Dr.Radtke. Myself being only 16 at this time and having parents who don't know much about horses, my decision making was difficult. But the journey to recovery for Emma was made much easier with Dr. Radtke and her help in guiding my decisions in the right direction! She always remembered to send me picture of Emma's progress as I was living in a different province at the time, and welcomed me with open arms for my weekly visits to spend time with Emma. I always felt that she genuinely wanted the best for Us :)

I would highly recommend Dr. Radtke and Dr. Back as your equine veterinarians. I am confident in saying that only the most top notch care will be provided!

Latisha Benoit, RVT

Latisha Benoit, RVT Pictures

Over the years have consulted with Dr. Radtke on a number of cases from lamenesses to an eye enucleation. She is always quick to return calls and thorough in her assessments and recommendations. She provides timely feedback and she’s very approachable and current. A great resource for a variety of surgical cases from routine to complicated.

Beth Pollock, DVM
Regional Veterinarian, Pynn's Brook
Animal Health Division
Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agrifoods
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the care Dr. Radtke has always given my little horses, the success of the procedure she did on Jake for his locking patella’s is remarkable! To watch him leave his stall in the morning at a trot makes my heart swell! Before, his patellas would be locking or catching. His quality of life has improved so much! Dr. Radtke’s caring & the quality of the care she provided will always be remembered.

Forever grateful,
Mary Lyon

Mary Lyon Pictures

I just can't begin to describe how thankful I feel to have these two phenomenal veterinarians in our area. They are highly professional, personable, knowledgeable, and affordable. They are worth their weight in gold and I can't wait to work with them again as I prepare to geld my two stallions. I am also totally pumped to have a new dentist for all 5 of my equine kids. Thank you Dr. Back and Dr. Radtke, you are absolutely amazing. Keep up the good work.

Kristen Walter

We have had the pleasure of Dr. Radtke’s veterinary expertise on three different Standardbred horses that we own. Dr. Radtke always explained our options and included us in the decision making. She displayed professionalism, dedication, empathy, and exceptional skills as well as tremendous passion for our equine athletes.

Dr. Radtke and Dr. Back have the skills and mindset to help you through your equine health issues. We highly recommend them for your veterinary needs.

Dawn Hubbard & Sifroi Melanson
Ultimate Stables
New Brunswick, Canada

We had the unfortunate need to rush a one-month old foal for some emergency attention. He had cut his left hind leg seriously. I could see a good three inches of his bone. There was no tissue to cover the bone. He survived the four-hour transport and went into the caring hands of Dr. Radke. She never gave up on him and, after five weeks of her dedication to his care, we were able to bring him home.

He has since matured into a gorgeous gelding that is a tremendous mover. We never expected him to be anything but a pasture ornament after this devastating injury, but because of the fine care he received, he never puts a hoof wrong.

We regularly have around twenty-five fjords on our farm at any time. We have had reproductive issues with a couple of our herd and they have been given wonderful care. I would entrust my entire herd to Dr. Radke’s care without a second thought.

Kathy Monroe
Wallace Point Fjords

I was very concerned about transporting my beloved horse long distance for the first time. Thanks to the excellent care and advice provided to me by two wonderful veterinarians at Abington Equine, all was a huge success.

Both my horse and I were treated with kindness and compassion. Pricing was very reasonable. Appointments were kept on time, and the knowledge and expertise of the vets was top notch. Dr. Back at Abington Equine also performs equine dental services, using the latest equipment and technology available. Their outstanding services and commitment led to a very successful transport! I would not hesitate to highly recommend Abington Equine for all the very best equine veterinarian care for your horse(s).

Maggie Pardo